Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nutrition 101

Can anyone please tell me where 2009 went!? I was flabbergasted when I saw the date of my last post. Eye-yi-yi! I don't like time escaping from me the way it does.
So I am back in school! What a lovely place. Right now I am studying for my nutrition class. Since when has studying been so fun? I am madly passionate about nutrition thus it provoked me to visit the old blog. I couldn't even remember the name of my blog! Ha. But just when I almost gave up that little light came on and here I am typing away. SO I must share what I am studying as it will be the most enlightening, most beneficial thing for all who care about life and living it with the up most healthy perspective. My assignment for today was to familiarize myself with the Food Guide Pyramid. This should have been done a long time ago but such is life at times. Better late than never I reckon. Go to the Food Guide Pyramid website and have fun with it! I haven't gotten far BUT have learned a plethora of info about whole grains (which I fantasize about ;). Here is another likable website about whole grains. I always read the ingredient listing and see refined or enriched grains not knowing exactly what that does mean. Do you know? Or... what part of the grain contains fiber that almost always gets stripped away? I know, I know-- I SHOULD know this! But sad to say I had forgotten all the nutrition information learned way back when. Did you know that ONLY if food companies specifically label the ingredient list with "whole wheat" or "whole grain" THEN the product contains it. So many out there claim they do but then when you check the ingredient list it seems to be left out somehow...hmmmm... On the food pyramid website there is a very useful interactive tool called MyFoodapeida- use it!
Just finished my assignment for the class and am too tired to think anymore! One last thing- on the Food Guide Pyramid website go to the MyPyramid Plan and put in your information and see what your daily recommended amount is from each food group. Happy eating and goodnight!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Shower Card

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fishy in the Water

Just a cute little story about my cute little kitten. Each morning it is our routine that when I get up, Riley makes a mad dash for the kitchen as if I never feed him! As I was following him in there I see his little toy fish is inside his water bowl! He has so many little toys and out of all them he coincidentally puts the fish in the bowl? Nooooooooooo, I believe my kitten knew what he was doing ;)

Spilled oats = a lot of fun for kitty...

I was making my fruit drink and in a hurry to get back online with Justin and what do ya know...I dropped the container of oatmeal! It was pretty much worth it I suppose as it kept Riley quite occupied for a bit.

Hopefully one day soon (Is two years soon? :P) I will be blogging about our children rather than our pets!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My kitten has to have surgery??? Say whaaaat???!!

Needless to say Justin and I nuuhh-eever saw this one coming. First it was the ringworm and that pretty much near broke us. He was almost rid of that and then suddenly I watch him stop eating, playing, start throwing up and knew something else was troubling my poor little kitten! :( This guy just doesn't seem to get a break. So I took him into the doc and sure enough, little Riley had a marble sized ball below his stomach that the doc knew should not be there. At the time the vet. was letting me feel this strange ball I was not even thinking about surgery. So when I asked, "So how do we rid him of this peculiar thing???" He simply replied, "Well he might need surgery." Did you just say S-U-R-G-E-R-Y? As in cut him OPEN surgery??!! I giggled a bit as I just could not fathom little 2 and a half pound Riley having surgery. But of course the doc was serious. When he told me the price I literally almost fainted. I just knew I might be having to say good bye to my new found friend and that was killing me. It is absolutely amazing how fast a human can get attached to a little animal. He has become my body guard at night and entertainer during the day, I could not see life without him! I knew I had to ask Justin before doing such an expensive procedure. Fortunately I have the husband with the biggest heart on earth and he did not hesitate one bit. He calmly said, "Justine let's get the surgery done for him." It has been four days post surgery and Riley is like brand new and boy am I thankful!
Meet Million Dollar Riley...

Seven little stitches...

Rowdy Riley (as dad calls him ;) says...hello!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Beginners Pop-Up Card...

I wanted to make sweet Brianna a special first birthday card and it turned out to be quite fun. My cousin and I were passing through Barnes and Noble and a beautiful card caught my eye. It was a pop-up card with butterflies. I just knew I had to try to recreate this unique idea as the card was around $6. To make my own it probably cost me $1.50, if even that. It was a bit tricky and I spent quite some time on it but next time will be a breeze, hopefully. And of course Baby Bree is quite worth all the time in the world. I do love her so.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Believer of Burt's Bees!

So, about a month ago I noticed that my skin was reacting horribly to my new body wash (Oil of Olay...ribbons I believe). I had extreme dry patches on both arms and no matter how much of my Oil of Olay Quench body lotion I applied NOTHING changed. So I looked at the back to search through the ingredients to find the culprit and sure enough they had snuck some mineral oil (ah!), paraffin (goodness gracious!) petrolatum (:()! Now, usually I am conscious about the ingredients in the body products I use but just did not have the money to replenish my Burt's Bees stock at the time so I settled for what I thought to be good (Oil of Olay products) but in turn destroyed my skin! Normally all I buy from Burt's is their royal jelly creme and their body lotion...this time I went all out! I wanted to totally cleanse my skin of all of these extremely harmful ingredients. I can not explain to you how rejuvenated my skin looks and feels! I also bought their new pomegranate shampoo and conditioner. Normally I have to switch my shampoos every two days because of how my hair reacts to them, but with Burt's shampoo I have not switched to a different shampoo in two weeks and my hair is as healthy as it has ever been! You have got to try this shampoo. It is so important to take care of your skin and really Burt's Bees is not all that more expensive than some of the products you get at Wal-Mart. Almost every product is around eight dollars. Seriously worth it. Your skin deserves it! They even have men products if your husband has sensitive skin. I am getting ready to send Justin a care package with some Burt's Bees men's body lotion and shaving cream. Check out their website.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Questions About the War? Let Me Enlighten You...

About a week ago it was brought to my attention that so many Americans are still wondering why exactly we are in Iraq. As Justin is a soldier currently in Iraq and I also have a fetish for the news, I usually stay well informed. Some people, religous or not, even oppose war in general. Christians, especially, who oppose the war in Iraq, or war period need to read Ecclesiastes 3:8. To put the situation in better perspective I have included an essay from a retired General in the US Air Force . Please take the time to read it, I know it is long! It will be worth your time to get a true perspective on what is going on. Do not be deceived by what man says, research it for yourself. So with the following articles below I hope I answer questions like, "Is war wrong?" or "Why are we in Iraq?" First lets start by learning what the Bible has to say about war:

A Nation at War
by Dr. Charles Stanley
Ecclesiastes 3:8 states that there is a "time for war and a time for peace." In these times of warfare, we often ask, "How should we respond? What should be our attitude?" We will find biblical answers for these questions when we explore the ultimate issue: What does the Word of God say about warfare?
When a nation goes to war, God’s people need to fully understand their heavenly Father’s viewpoint about this matter. Naturally, God is not excited about war. He does not enjoy bloodshed and vengeance. However, He is dealing with a world of people who have a fallen nature—sinful, wicked and vile. Romans 3:10-11,15-17 describes mankind without God: "…there is none righteous, not even one; there is none who understands, there is none who seeks for God. . . . Their feet are swift to shed blood, destruction and misery are in their paths, and the path of peace they have not known."
God battles with people who oppose Him, who fight against Him and His followers. So, even though He hates war, God is not against it. Throughout the Old Testament, there are examples of God using warfare to carry out His plans, to punish the wicked and preserve His people (Deut. 9:4-6; Deut. 20; Jer. 5; Numbers 33:55-56). You may think, "How could God do that?" He says in Isaiah 55:9, "My ways are higher than your ways and My thoughts are higher than your thoughts." God has divine reasons for choosing to use war as a vehicle to accomplish His will.
In Scripture, God clearly establishes the government’s responsibilities and authority over us, as well. In Romans 13:1 and 4, Paul writes, "every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. . .for it [the government] is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil."
The government is ordained by God with the right to promote good and restrain evil. This includes wickedness that exists within the nation, as well as any wicked persons or countries that threaten foreign nations. Obviously, there are times when a country should not go to war; but there are also times when, if a nation does not do so, they suffer the consequences. Therefore, a government has biblical grounds to go to war in the nation’s defense or to liberate others in the world who are enslaved.
You may think, "Well, how do we reconcile that with what Jesus said about loving our enemies and turning the other cheek?" (Luke 6:27-30) In that passage, Jesus was speaking to us as individuals. If someone treats us badly, we should love him anyway. We can pray for our enemies, and do good to those who hate us. The way someone treats an individual is one thing; the way he treats an entire nation is a completely different issue. The Bible teaches that it is the responsibility of the government’s leaders to protect the nation against those who would destroy it.
The Bible also instructs citizens in the proper way to respond when their country goes to war. For example, it is a violation of the Word of God to refuse to defend your country if ordered. Recall Romans 13:1-2: "every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God. . .Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves." According to this verse, we’re to be submissive to the laws of the land. The only reason we have for disobeying the government is if it requires us to behave in a way that clearly violates some specific verse or command of God (Acts 5:27-32).
Someone might say, "But I can’t go to war because shooting the enemy would be murder, and the Bible says ‘you shall not murder’"(Exodus 20:13). Actually, when a man in combat shoots his enemy under the command of the government, without personal hatred, he is not committing murder. Instead, he is simply being obedient to the purpose for which he is fighting. To commit murder, a person must have vengeance and hatred against another. Many men have died on the battlefield without animosity toward anyone--they were fighting for a cause, defending or freeing their land. Therefore, if called, it is a citizen’s national and biblical responsibility to defend his country.
Even if we do not actually participate in the fighting, we are also called to create unity and harmony within the country. We need to support whatever decisions our nation makes, as long as they do not directly violate the Word of God. How can we justify the protests and marches against war? I understand that, in America, for example, we have a right to express our different opinions. However, there comes a time when our personal opinion is not a priority. The only reason we have the freedom to protest in this country is because thousands were willing to die for that liberty in the past.
Instead of resisting, we should offer to serve the war effort in any way possible during this time, especially by encouraging and helping the families of our soldiers. And the most important and powerful thing we can do for our nation is pray. Pray for our President, leaders, military, and even our enemies. God honors the prayers of His children and expects us to support those in authority.
Despite the many different opinions and philosophies about war, the most important consideration is God’s viewpoint. Throughout Scripture there is evidence that God favors war for divine reasons and sometimes uses it to accomplish His will. He has also given governments and their citizens very specific responsibilities in regards to this matter. This is a frightening time for all of the world’s citizens, but it is also a time for God’s people to rise up as a unified body against the global threat of evil and terror. I challenge you, as a child of God, to respond to this conflict as He desires: with an attitude of prayer, submission, and an unwavering dependence upon your heavenly Father.

Middle East Imperative

This is sobering.

This is from the guy who had his finger on the nuclear trigger for three years as head of our defense and response complex buried under Cheyenne Mountain at Colorado Springs. He was the only person who could initiate a nuclear attack after advising the sitting president of a missile launch by our enemies and our need to respond. No political or civilian type in the US had more knowledge about day-to-day military actions around the world.

Everyone should find quiet time to read this.

John R. (Jack) Farrington Major General, USAF (Retired)

Middle East Imperative

BY: JIM CASH, Brig. Gen., USAF, Ret.

I recently wrote about the war in Iraq and the larger war against radical Islam, eliciting a number of responses. Let me try and put this conflict in proper perspective.

Understand, the current battle we are engaged in is much bigger than just Iraq. What happens in the next year will affect this country and how our kids and grand kids live throughout their lifetime, and beyond. Radical Islam has been attacking the West since the seventh century. They have been defeated in the past and decimated to the point of taking hundreds of years to recover. But they can never be totally defeated. Their birth rates are so far beyond civilized world rates that in time they recover and attempt to dominate again.

There are eight terror-sponsoring countries that make up the grand threat to the West. Two, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, just need firm pressure from the West to make major reforms. They need to decide who they are really going to support and commit to that support. That answer is simple. They both will support who they think will hang in there until the end, and win. We are not sending very good signals in that direction right now, thanks to the Democrats.

The other six, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and Libya will require regime change or a major policy shift. Now, let's look more closely.

Afghanistan and Iraq have both had regime changes, but are being fueled by outsiders from Syria and Iran. We have scared Gaddafi's pants off, and he has given up his quest for nuclear weapons, so I don't think Libya is now a threat.

North Korea (the non-Islamic threat) can be handled diplomatically by buying them off. They are starving. That leaves Syria and Iran. Syria is like a frightened puppy. Without the support of Iran they will join the stronger side. So where does that leave us? Sooner or later, we are going to be forced to confront Iran, and it better be before they gain nuclear capability.

In 1989 I served as a Command Director inside the Cheyenne Mountain complex located in Colorado Springs, Colorado for almost three years. My job there was to observe (through classified means) every missile shot anywhere in the world and assess if it was a threat to the US or Canada. If any shot was threatening to either nation I had only minutes to advise the President, as he had only minutes to respond.

I watched Iran and Iraq shoot missiles at each other every day, and all day, for months. They killed hundreds of thousands of their people. Know why? They were fighting for control of the Middle East and that enormous oil supply.

At that time, they were preoccupied with their internal problems and could care less about toppling the west. Oil prices were fairly stable and we could not see an immediate threat. Well, the worst part of what we have done as a nation in Iraq is to do away with the military capability of one of those nations. Now, Iran has a clear field to dominate the Middle East, since Iraq is no longer a threat to them. They have turned their attention to the only other threat to their dominance, they are convinced they will win, because the US is so divided, and the Democrats (who now control Congress and may control the Presidency in 2008) have openly said we are pulling out.

Do you have any idea what will happen if the entire Middle East turns their support to Iran, which they will obviously do if we pull out? It is not the price of oil we will have to worry about. Oil WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE to this country at any price. I personally would vote for any presidential candidate who did what JFK did with the space program; declare a goal to bring this country to total energy independence in a decade.

Yes, it is about oil. The economy in this country will totally die if that Middle East supply is cut off right now. It will not be a recession. It will be a depression that will make 1929 look like the "good-old-days". The bottom line here is simple. If Iran is forced to fall in line, the fighting in Iraq will end overnight, and the nightmare will be over.

One way or another, Iran must be forced to join modern times and the global community. It may mean a real war - if so, now is the time, before we face a nuclear Iran with the capacity to destroy Israel and begin a new ice age.

I urge you to read the book "END GAME" by two of our best Middle East experts, true American patriots and retired military generals, Paul Vallely and Tom McInerney. They are our finest, and totally honest in their assessment of why victory in the Middle East is so important, and how it can be won. Proceeds for the book go directly to memorial fund for our fallen soldiers who served the country during the war on terror. You can find that book by going to the Internet through Stand-up America at or

On the other hand, we have several very angry retired generals today, who evidently have not achieved their lofty goals, and insist on ranting and raving about the war. They are wrong, and doing the country great harm by giving a certain political party reason to use them as experts to back their anti-war claims.

You may be one of those who believe nothing could ever be terrible enough to support our going to war. If that is the case I should stop here, as that level of thinking approaches mental disability in this day and age. It is right up there with alien abductions and high altitude seeding through government aircraft contrails. I helped produced those contrails for almost 30 years, and I can assure you we were not seeding the atmosphere. The human race is a war-like population, and if a country is not willing to protect itself, it deserves the consequences. Nuff-said!!!

Now, my last comments will get to the nerve. They will be on politics. I am not a Republican. And, George Bush has made enough mistakes as President to insure my feelings about that for the rest of my life. However, the Democratic Party has moved so far left, they have made me support those farther to the right. I am a conservative who totally supports the Constitution of this country. The only difference between the United States and the South American, third world, dictator infested and ever-changing South American governments, is our US Constitution.

This Republic (note I did not say Democracy) is the longest standing the world has ever known, but it is vulnerable. It would take so little to change it through economic upheaval. There was a time when politicians could disagree, but still work together. We are past that time, and that is the initial step toward the downfall of our form of government. I think that many view Bush-hating as payback time. The Republicans hated the Clintons and now the Democrats hate Bush. So, both parties are putting their hate toward willingness to do anything for political dominance to include lying and always taking the opposite stand just for r the sake of being opposed

JUST HOW GOOD IS THAT FOR OUR COUNTRY? In my lifetime, after serving in uniform for Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Bush I have a pretty good feel for which party supported our military, and what military life was like under each of their terms. And, let me assure you that times were best under the Republicans.

Service under Jimmy Carter was devastating for all branches of the military. And, Ronald Reagan was truly a salvation. You can choose to listen to enriched newscasters, and foolish people like John Murtha (he is no war hero), Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda , Harry Reid, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, and on-and-on to include the true fools in Hollywood if you like. If you do, your conclusions will be totally wrong.

The reason that I write, appear on radio talk shows, and do everything I can to denounce those people is simple. THEY ARE PUTTING THEIR THIRST FOR POLITICAL POWER AND QUEST FOR VICTORY IN 2008 ABOVE WHAT IS BEST FOR THIS COUNTRY. I cannot abide that. Pelosi clearly defied the Logan Act by going to Syria, which should have lead to imprisonment of three years and a heavy fine.

Jane Fonda did more to prolong the Vietnam War longer than any other human being (as acknowledged by Ho Chi Minh in his writing before he died). She truly should have been indicted for treason, along with her radical husband, Tom Hayden, and forced to pay the consequences.

This country has started to soften by not enforcing its laws, which is another indication of a Republic about to fall. All Democrats, along with the Hollywood elite, are sending us headlong into a total defeat in the Middle East, which will finally give Iran total dominance in the region. A lack of oil in the near future will be the final straw that dooms this Republic. However, if we refuse to let this happen and really get serious about an energy self- sufficiency program, this can be avoided. I am afraid, however, that we are going in the opposite direction.

If we elect Hillary Clinton and a Democrat-controlled congress, and they carry through with allowing Iran to take control of the Middle East, continue to refuse development of nuclear energy, refuse to allow drilling for new oil, and continue to do nothing but oppose everything Bush, it will be over in terms of what we view as the good life in the USA.

Now, do I think that all who do not support the war are un-American ... of course not. They just do not understand the importance of total victory in that region.

Another failure of George Bush is his inability to explain to the American people why we are there, and why we MUST win. By the way, it is not a war. It is martial law that is under attack by Iranian and Syrian outside influences, and there is a difference.

So, what do I believe? What is the bottom line? I will simply say that the Democratic Party has fielded the foulest, power hungry, anti-country, self-absorbed group of individuals that I have observed in my lifetime. Our educational system is partially to blame for allowing the mass of America to be taken in by this group.